Black Cat #11 Black Cat ko'd, choked, tied up

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Harvey Publications had a great thing going when Lee Elias did the art work for the first Black Cat series in 1946 (long before Marvel introduced their platinum blonde version five decades later). Her alter ego was Linda Turner (most probably a take off on a 40's Hollywood superstar named "Lana Turner"?) a gorgeous red-head who was a major movie star (her director was Cecil P DePille!!). She debuted in the very early 40's in Speed Magazine, and in 1946 got her own named title. She had no superpowers, but was skilled in judo and in excellent physical shape (wow -- was she!!). From her first inception she lasted all the way to the onset of the comic book code in 1954. She was revived with a series of reprints put out by Harvey in a 10 issue re-run in the late 80's, but only with modest success (what a shame). I think she is as great looking as Phantom Lady, maybe even better, but Harvey Publications was more cautious and skittish than Fox, and often did not give nearly as many full body views in crucial KO and bondage scenes as Phantom Lady had. Harvey's editors were less willing to take risks. In this issue, #11, her wealthy father has a million dollar race horse stolen by a stable hand named Rocky Lawless (is that clever, or what??). Her father investigates the theft, only to end up kidnapped. Black Cat rushes to rescue her father, and gets KO'd as Lawless and his cronies rush away in order to avoid what they think is a suspicious looking plane circling overhead. The horse gently nudges BC awake, she recovers and jumps on the plane and chases the baddies, causing their getaway car to crash, and law enforcement to come running, peace and justice prevailing. In the pics below we see her KO'd, out cold on the floor, nudged awake by the million dollar horse, and groggily sitting up. There is also a pic of Linda Turner in bondage (from another episode) and a pic of Black Cat being choked in her Judo Lesson demonstration page (a page that appeared in every issue). What a great looker she was, even if her legs were twice as long as the rest of her (anyway, I'm a leg man myself).
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Jan 04, 2010
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Jan 04, 2010
Always loved the Black Cat. Have seen some of the older pic.s on the web. this was when heroines were perfect (Am I showing my age?). Love the classic perils they were in at this time. Set the stage for the current perils so prevalent today.
Jan 06, 2010
Great frame captures! I always wondered if Marvel had to pay Harvey for use of the character name...or had she fallen into the Public Domain?
Jan 07, 2010
My gut feeling and theory is that Marvel took a chance that Harvey Publications was totally defunct and would not care about galvanizing the effort to sue them. But Harvey still existed, as the reprints put out by them in the early 90's clearly demonstrate. I think Harvey Publications simply let it slide, since the original BC seemed unable to make a strong comeback anyway. Just my theory, of course.
Apr 10, 2010
Black Cat, leggy, spunky, good looking! How could she not be a favorite? I too wish she was still around. Exciting KO scenes.
Aug 17, 2012
Frames 8&9 she is so helpless.
Aug 18, 2012
Wonderful KO peril for a sexy heroine!