Black Cat #26 grabbed, netted, arm carry

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Linda Turner, a beautiful, red-headed movie star, is the first Black Cat appearing in Harvey Publications comic books from 1941 to 1951. (Marvel's later platinum blonde version of the same name would first appear several decades later). Linda was a real eye turner (no pun intended), but Harvey Publications was always a tad on the skittish side when it came to boldly presenting good girl DID art, especially as the era of the Comic Book Code approached in the early 50's. Only four issues after this one, the great looking Hollywood crime fighter would be put to sleep for 40 years, only to rise again in the early 90's for a brief time as Harvey put out a dozen or so short-lived reprints of her early episodes. She would be a great addition to our world if she were still alive today. In this story an evil movie director/producer hires a cast, including Linda, to make a movie in the idyllic islands of the South Pacific. He turns out to be after millions of dollars worth of pearls in possession of a local tribe in the vicinity. He causes a "fake" eruption of a nearby volcano in order to force the natives to give pearls to appease the "volcano gods", and uses the film making as a ruse simply to be there. Black Cat investigates, discovers the ruse, but gets grabbed, netted and arm carried by a crooked native. She manages to escape and defeat the baddies aboard their getaway ship. Pics below are tame compared to her earlier exploits, and show the growing skittishness of Harvey regarding their great looking super-heroine. One pic shows her being choked on her Judo demo page. Enjoy.
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Jul 06, 2010
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Jul 09, 2010
I hate those blasted nets. It is always disgusting to see the heroine get captured by throwing a net over because it supposedly prevents her from defending herself and she never gets knocked out in this type capture. This was a wonderful chance for her to get slugged with a rock/club etc. and get carried unconscious. Sad.