May update

May 01, 2008 04:54 PM
Hmm, looks like my laziness is causing this blog to become a once a month affair. Sorry about that! Lately so many things have been going on. I've had final exams, homework, juggling shows, video games , rock concerts and even a little romance .

I'm starting to play this RPG called Neverwinter Nights. It's kind of an old game. I really liked Oblivion so this game is kind of similar.

Anyway, I updated the site with some great KO scenes. I won't go into detail about the update in my blog, just visit the database. Oh and I added a cover scan to the European photo gallery.
Recently I was at a rock concert and I met a girl there that I kind of liked. I don't like to use real names, so I'll just call her M.E. We watched the band perform and then walked back together. We chat online frequently. I took her out to an imrpov comedy show the other night. She's pretty cute too! Probably won't see her too much over summer because I'll be working, but I'll definitely try to hang out with her more next semester. Things are looking up.

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May 12, 2008
I guess thigns are looking up for you... Be sure to keep it going so you can't get lonely during the summer. There's loads of things to do with friends... Beaches, parties, nightclubs, bbq's, concerts... The summer is always hot... If you know what I mean...