God I love this site

Jul 03, 2008 06:05 PM
Sometimes I just sit at my desk and look at this website in wonder. It is amazing that I have all these KO scenes at my fingertips. The database is now at 1,928 KO scenes. I also have nearly 4,000 images indexed. The last few weeks have been crazy. I was finding stuff left and right; people were sending me tons of scenes. I'm starting to follow a policy of uploading scenes immediately after finding them. Before I would hold off and upload in batches, but that was very bad because I would be overwhelmed. And the bigger the buffer of scenes got, the lazier I was to update the site. So now I'm basically going to update whenever I find something, simply because it will make my life easier.

I'm surprise that I haven't gotten a ton of feedback on the new site design, people around here tend to be really quiet. I thought people would find it confusing, slow, buggy, but no complaints so far. In my opinion though, after using this site for a while now, I think this site design is very intuitive. I can find anything faster than ever. If you remember my old site, everything was just in one massive list and you had to scroll through the whole thing to find one scene. And the searching sucked too. The whole thing was a mess. Now, my database is so organized I can find any scene in less than 5 seconds. In comparison, I find the Slumberville database to be practically unusable, although it has a lot of good data in it.

So yeah, that's all I've been doing lately. Going to work, coming home and working on this site. I actually do more development at home than at work.

I'm interested in presidential politics again.

That's all I have to say for now. Have a happy Independence Day!

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Jul 04, 2008
It is a nice set up for the site! I really like the search and how it's organized. As for the presidential race, it should be very interesting, indeed!

Jul 04, 2008
I love your website but Obama's got to go? NOo0o0ooO!!!

Jul 05, 2008
An excellent resource !
When I click on a link for some pics, it's a little non-intuitive when the link appears above the listing and hence scrolls it all down.
Kinda hard to explain but just a small nit pick.
Keep up the excellent work !


Jul 05, 2008
I think I understand what you mean sof. I'm having a hard time coming up with a viable alternative. My best solution is to make the scene window draggable.