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Jul 06, 2008 02:07 PM
I currently thinking about making a user content submission system. Here is how I'd like it to work: any registered user can create a scene and submit it to the database. A scene that you created can be edited by you any time you want. Only the owner of the scene is allowed to edit it. Once the scene is submitted, you can add images to the scene (the images must be stored somewhere else, like photobucket or imageshack). You can also add links to YouTube, Sendspace, whatever you want.

Before the scene appears, I must approve it. This is to ensure quality of data. The approval process should be quick, all I have to do is click a single button. I could do it at the end of the day or something. I just don't want junk in the database.

Regarding content, you can submit practically anything you want, just no porn. You can submit comic book KO's, comic book bondage scenes, manga, videos, pinups. The content essentially must fit the theme of this site. The cool thing is, since each scene you submit is associated with your username, you get to see how popular your scene becomes because I keep track of views.
My quesion to you guys is, would you use this?

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Jul 07, 2008
Makes the workload for you a lot easier and it makes the website more interactive with the community then it already is!