Let's see what you got!

Jul 07, 2008 10:22 PM
Any registered user can now add a scene to the database. Yes, you heard me right. You are now free to add pretty much anything you want (except pornography). All you have to do is login, and then at the top you will see a link that says "Add Scene". That takes you to a form where you input basic scene information, such as name, category, etc.

After you submit that form, you are taken to a page where you can add links to the scene. You can add any URL to a scene, like a link to an image, video, or sendspace site. If you want a thumbnail to appear however, you must first upload the image to either Photobucket or Imageshack and then paste the direct link into the box. Only direct links will cause a thumbnail to show up. I currently only support thumbnails from Photobucket and Imageshack. If anyone has a request for another image hosting service let me know. I don't host images on this site to save bandwidth.

You can also add people to the scene, although you are only allowed to choose from a predefined list. Sorry if that causes any inconvenience, but I want to keep the people database clean for now. You can add person names to the "additional info" field if necessary. The "additional info" field is searchable.

You can edit scene information at ANY time. The scene you submit belongs to you forever. Only you are allowed to edit it (actually, I can edit it also because I am the super admin). It's even possible for you to delete your scene if you want. You can see all the scenes you submitted by clicking on "My Scenes" at the top.
Your scene will not appear immediately. To prevent abuse, I will approve a scene before it appears. You can still edit the scene during this period. The approval process will be very fast, it will literally take like 2 seconds for me. Once approved the scene will be visible to the world.

There are several reasons why I am finally opening up the database. I get a lot of submissions from various people and it is tedious to enter in all those scenes. I expect to still do a lot of data entry, but if all those people who send me stuff will use this system instead, it will save a lot of work for me. Plus this site will grow a lot faster with more users contributing stuff.

Another reason why I am doing this, is because I feel people like to be credited for their work. I occasionally put a "contributed by" line in my scenes, but I don't feel that's good enough and it seems like people are being cheated out of their discoveries. Now the scene is 100% associated with your user name, so you can take pride in being the first to post the scene.

Finally, people have always wanted a comprehensive database of bondage scenes and KO scenes in comics. This may be our chance to do it. If enough people contribute, this could become very successful. But you have to use it. So what are you waiting for? Let's see what you got!

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