Can this site become self sustaining?

Jul 09, 2008 11:05 PM
Let's face it, I won't be around forever to upload scenes to this site. Sooner or later, you guys, my visitors, are going to have to take over. The fact that any user (yes, all 530+ of you) can upload a scene to the database is a big deal to me. It's one of the most radical changes I've ever made to this site. I know you have content, so don't be afraid to upload it. We have the opportunity to make sleepycomics the BEST bondage/sleepy site ever.

In an attempt to open up more participation, I've made it so that anyone can post a comment to a scene. You don't have to register anymore.

Registered users get much more benefits though. They can rate scenes (it's so easy, just click on the stars), post comments to my blog, add scenes to their personal stash, upload their own scene.

This site has everything you could ever want. Now the only thing left is you.

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