New Girl on the Block: Valkyrie!!

Jul 22, 2008 09:34 PM
I just updated the database with about 50 different scenes from The Defenders, mainly featuring hotties Valkyrie and Hellcat. Valkyrie was the tough damsel of The Defenders, always getting knocked out and occasionally tied up. Valkyrie essentially kicked ass!

This recent update makes Valkyrie one of the top damsels on this site. In fact, the top 5 damsels in terms of scene count are:

1. Wonder Woman - 94 scenes

2. Lois Lane - 59 scenes

3. Black Canary - 46 scenes

4. Valkyrie - 44 scenes

5. Mary Marvel - 38 scenes

I also added a bunch of pulp covers I found on Good stuff out there.

I'm starting to see some good posts from other users. Keep it up!

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