Surpassed 4000 scenes

Aug 02, 2009 11:03 PM
I've hit another milestone today.  My database of scenes has surpassed 4,000 entries.  This is really not that important though, because there are a lot of junk scenes in the database now.  When I say 4000 scenes, I mean EVERYTHING, including original art, scene alerts, random pin-ups.  The number of actual knockouts numbers around 2,800 which is actually kind of surprising.  That means I have a lot of junk stored in the database.

Another interesting statistic is the number of images and links stored in the database.  There are over 8,060 links.  A lot of those links could be dead though, but the haven't been removed.

Finally, my favorite statistic is the total number of scene views since June 25, 2008 (the day I started keeping track). There are 1.12 MILLION scene views total.  Everytime someone opens up a scene, a view count is added.  If you visit, it even has a live counter showing the total number of scene views. It's really neat.

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Aug 04, 2009
4000... amazing. I remember when we just passed 1000. Great job red!