Look! Shiny new buttons

Jun 16, 2012 12:33 AM
I think you'll like this new feature. I added four new buttons under the search form. Clicking them will take you directly to the search results page, but with different sort and filter settings.

  • Most Recent - Takes you to a list of all recently added scenes. The default behavior of the Search button as well.

  • Most Popular - lists all scenes sorted by Faves and then Views.

  • Comics/Manga Only - lists only comics or manga, sorted by most recently added.

It's a quick way to find what you want without having to fiddle with the Advanced Search Options box.

Don't forget about Ratings, Faves and Comments! Faves matter more than ever now, because it determines what is the most popular.

I also fixed some issues with the commenting system. You can now delete comments within 30 minutes of posting it. And if you use the "@username" syntax, you can reply directly to any user you want.

I've been getting a lot of useful comments from people helping to correct scene information. Thanks a lot!
I really want to increase the accuracy of my data, and you guys are vital to that process.

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