Data fragility, and the importance of

Jun 21, 2012 12:21 AM
Data is fragile. The other day, I read a post on Reddit about how some 90% of all Silent Era movies are now lost. Not 'lost', as in they just misplaced the film. No, the movies are 100% destroyed; impossible to get back.

That got me thinking: how many comic books are lost? How many great KO scenes were drawn that we will never see? Many comics from small publishers had very limited runs, and are very difficult to find. How many are probably sitting in garbage dumps across America and Europe? Same situation with Japanese Manga.

Data is fragile. We lose data all the time. When people die, where do their photographs go? How many photographs have been lost to time?
Think about how fragile is. In 100 years, after we are long gone, will the data on this website still exist? Hard to think about, but these questions keep me up at night.

It's vital that we as a community protect the content on this website. I encourage people to save as many images as they can to their hard disks. You never know when this site might go down.

And be proactive. If you can add information to a scene, leave a comment! Search as many comics books and manga volumes as you can. Because in a few years, it may be impossible to find those issues again.

I'm young (25 years old as of this post), so it'll be a few decades before I need to think about this. But I'm going to eventually need someone to take over this site. It's still early to start taking action, but I think it's worth it to have a discussion about it.

Data is fragile people. Protect it.

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