Women of Sleepycomics.com...who are you?

Jul 01, 2012 02:02 AM
I was checking out some demographic info for Sleepycomics.com (using quantcast.com), and it's no surprise: Men dominate this site. It makes sense. Seeing unconscious women in peril - it's a classic male fantasy. Think of all those men's adventure pulp magazines, featuring damsels in distress. Sleepycomics.com caters to that group.

That being said, why do women still make up approximately 20-30% of Sleepycomics.com's traffic? Ladies...who are you? What brings you to my site?

I really am curious to learn more about the female perspective on this fetish. Sure, I could just contact one of the many commercial sleepy content producers, many of whom are female. But I can't be sure if those producers are into the fetish themselves, or if they are in it just to make money.
I feel Sleepycomics.com's audience is genuine about their sleepy fetish. Most commercial sleepy fetish producers, basically create pornography. The people who visit Sleepycomics.com can appreciate a sleeping beauty, without all the sex, nudity and groping.

I think society makes it difficult for a woman to openly talk about her kinks and fetishes. Think about how much "slut shaming" goes on in America, just for having too much sex! People want to conform. People want to seem normal. Admitting you have a sleepy fetish...separates you from society.

To any woman, or man, who has this sleepy fetish: you are not alone!

I once had a woman contact me and tell me her story. She said when she revealed her sleepy fetish to her then boyfriend, he freaked out. It actually changed their relationship. Stories like that are fascinating to me. The sleepy fetish isn't something that's personal anymore...it affects the lives of those around us too.

So to the women of Sleepycomics.com, tell me your story! What brought you to my site? What kind of content interests you? Feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] or leave a comment.

And to the men AND women of Sleepycomics.com, thank you for your support!

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Jul 04, 2012
Opps posted in the wrong area.sorry Red.

Jul 04, 2012
It's okay, I moved your comment.