Gen 13, plus massive update

Dec 02, 2006 06:03 PM
I just recieved this incredible gas scene from Lost One Zero. It's from a Gen 13 Science Fiction special. It has all the elements of a great gassing, with sleepy shots and everything. Plus, I think this is the only scene of Caitlin Fairchild getting gassed. Look in the database for the rest of the scene. Thanks again LoZ!I haven't made a huge update in a while. I was up till 4:00 AM last night playing Civilization III, so I obviously have plenty of time. I added 37 scenes to the "other" database and a few scenes to the sleeping gas list.
I just realized, head knockouts are very sexy. This is especially true if the sleeper is Black Canary. She's been knocked out so many times, I'm kind of worried if she'll get head trauma.

You should sign up for the AVGDID message board. Someone just posted original art of a girl getting chloroformed. It was really good. I might try to get that art posted on my site.

Oh and one more update. It's like 2:43 AM right now but I'm excited to report another find. From Union Jack #3, there is a scene where a woman is knocked out with sleeping gas. It's in the database. The source was

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