700+ scenes indexed!

Dec 12, 2006 01:41 AM
With my most recent update, I have surpassed the 700 scene mark. All three databases have been updated.

My goal is to one day get 1,000 scenes indexed. Sleeping gas still constitutes the majority of my database, with 344 scenes.  That's a shitload of sleeping gas comic writers have used over the years. I think every major superheroine has been gassed at least once; it's almost like a pre-requisite before you can be considered a heroine. Flowers tend to be a very popular medium to store sleeping gas, like in the new Red Sonja scans I recieved. She sniffs the sweet scent of the flower only to get drugged in the process. Hell, Creamy Mami was chloroformed with a flower, that's how amazing flowers are!

So guess what class I am taking next semester? I am taking a class on comic book symbolism. This is going to be fun as hell. I can't wait to hear what the teacher has to say about Wonder Woman and how she was always in distress.  Kids back in the 1940's were exposed to a ton of bondage. I would be very surprised if our class never mentioned bondage once, it is like so prevalant in comics. I think if a comic book didn't have bondage, it wouldn't be interesting at all. It just isn't fun if the heroine is never in danger. Anyway, I cannot wait for this class to start. I'm going to do my thesis on "How bondage actually empowers heroines". Or not.

I was watching some improvisation comedy last night, and in one of the sketches a girl mentioned "nitrous oxide". The sketch ended right there, which sucked because I was interested in seeing what would come next. Oh well, she wasn't that hot anyway.

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Dec 13, 2006
700 scenes.Thanks so much for your time and effort to build and run this site.It is a milestone.And I as a huge fan of your site need your help.On the slumberville site a clip was posted of spiderman and friends.I think it was Firestar being put to sleep by a villian who uses three apes to do his bidding[wish I could remember the name]You might be able use your resources to find this clip and post it.The description was sleep gas and then him standing over her while she is asleep.Hope you can get it.

Dec 13, 2006
Well thanks for the comment buddy! I found the clip in my archives and I think it's cool enough to get posted on my clips page. I need to update that section anyway. So check the clips page, it'll be there in like two seconds.