Dec 15, 2006 12:09 AM
Okay, so in my links section is a blog called "Chlorokid's blog". It's a Japanese blog that is basically the same thing as my blog, only it doesn't have the amazing scene database. Almost every image on his blog has been lifted off my site. I'm not that mad because this site is in Japanese so it targets a different audience, but damn, it is pretty much my site in Japanese. He has a nice BBS system that seems to have good discussion. And I also saw a few new manga scans. 

I think this site could use some more discussion. The one entry that generated the most comments was the one where I blasted Bush. I had to like close the comments for that entry, it was getting that nasty. Speaking of President Bush, are we still in Iraq? Damn, someone needs to chloroform this entire administration and get some people who can actually do a good job.

I was chatting with my friend the artist about my commission. Turns out he hasn't started it yet (figures). I will be so happy when he finishes it.


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Dec 20, 2006
Prgram help me plz! :)
I dont know how to see the scan in “Chlorokid’s blog”, how to enter, can u help me pls?