Devi #2 - Plus some statistics

Dec 16, 2006 12:55 AM
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingDo you guys see that image? I'll give you a minute to soak it all in, celebrate a little. This scene right here single handedly made my day. The damsel is a girl named Tara, who is actually a reincarnated goddess named Devi (at least that's what I think, I don't actually read these comics). Yeah, she's pretty fucking hot. Considering I have been looking at scenes of some dude getting chloroformed and guys getting gassed, this was such a good sight for my eyes. What I love is how the cloth is placed perfectly over her nose and mouth, so her sleepy eyes are still visible. Devi basically sleeps for the next 3 issues. If you really want to see all of her sleepy shots just ask and I'll make you a collage. I included some good ones in the database.

You might be wondering how much effort it took to find this remarkable scene. I basically had to look through 5 DCP packs (about 200 comics), and it was still a lucky find. In the past few days I have probably flipped through well over 400 comics. I found two chloroformings: one involving some dude (for those curious, it was in Atom Special #1), and one involving the very sexy Devi. I found a handful of gassings, two from the DCP packs. Both of the DCP finds involved guys, although one was a F/M KO. I found a really nice tranquilizer dart KO from Young Avengers Runaways #3 (it's already in the database, so check it out!).

Oh and did I mention that a very nice person sent me some Red Sonja KOs? Yeah, they're also in the database.

Here is a basic rundown of what I went through:

On Thursday (after coming back from failing my economics final) I went through all 73 issues of "The Atom", and issues 126-200 of "World's Finest Comics". World's Finest sucks for KOs; they barely have any female characters. I then went through 75 issues of "Generation X" and 5 DCP packs. Earlier, I had gone through issues 1-206 of JLA. And after all that I found one female chloroform scene.

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