Dec 28, 2006 10:13 PM
I have good news: the new scene alert system I added is working. It's working better than I expected too. Just today I recieved 7 or 8 alerts. I even managed to locate a new chloroform scene thanks to an alerter (I'm looking at you chlorodon!). It's from Action Planet #3; check it out in the database. I hope this convinces people to send more alerts.

Chlorokid keeps boasting about his collection of sleepy manga scans (what does he have now, 170?). I have barely seen any of his collection. I dug through his site and found like two new scenes, plus like 20 pictures lifted from my website. I posted chlorokid's finds in my "unknown" database. I saw him post a little snippet of LoZ's original art. That's exclusive content man, you better not post the whole thing. It's really hard to communicate with chlorokid so I just sort of ignore it. I like to think that he is just showing sleepy content to the Japanese community. Plus if he posts my shit I'll be justified in posting his shit on my site.

I'll admit, I lift pictures off other sites all the time. Just today I found a doujinshi chloro scene on Grimbor's DID site, a scene I had overlooked. I decided to post it here because sleepy fans who are not into DID might miss that scene. Usually I'll try to obtain better scans than the ones posted on other sites. For example, Grimbor's site was where I found the Hana Yori Dango chloro scene. Today I located much more clearer and complete scans of that scene.

I was alerted today of a website called where you can literally download full episodes and full volumes of manga. That's where I got the Hana Yori Dango manga scans. It's incredible what you can find on the internet. I'm curious: just how the fuck does the comic/manga industry survive these days?

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