Links has the world's largest database of sleepy scenes in comics and manga.

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Art gallery of Lost One Zero, bondage artist.

Features DID art from some great artists. Also has comic book scans.

Monsieur Paul at Superheroine Central
Extraordinary sleepy artist. This artist was my inspiration for starting to draw sleepy art. The best ever.

Western Civilization Comic Scans Forum

Damselbinder on deviantArt
The writer who penned Enhancegirl, one of the best sleepy peril stories ever written. Check out his amazing stories.

Serialkidnapper on deviantArt
A pencil artist who's been drawing really good chloroform kidnap scenes. Check him out!

Unconscious Heroines on Deviantart
A collection of sleepy art found on deviantArt. Mostly 3D art.

Bondage Cover of the Day
Thousands of comic book covers with bondage.

Danger Theatre - The Best in Distress
Blog with tons of mainstream bondage content.

Read Comic Online
A website where you can read thousands of comics online.

Comic Vine
Really useful site for browsing comic descriptions. I found a lot of scenes from this site.

Cover Browser
Very large database of comic book covers. You can find lots of great stuff here.

Comic Book Resources Previews
Website that posts comic previews before they are released.

Zilveren Dolfijin - Dutch Comics Index
This site just lists all Dutch Comics in existence. Has cover scans for most.

Monsieur Paul's deviantArt page.
Deviantart page for the Extraordinary artist.

Erikson Original Art
Artist who creates comics with lots of bondage and KO scenes.

Grand Comic Book Database
Has an extensive database of comic book covers.

Anime torrents.

Lost One Zero's Blog

Baka-Updates Manga
Registry of Japanese manga, along with descriptions.

Distressed Crimefighteress
Has lots of comic book scans of heroines in peril

Manga Fox
Read manga online.

The Laughing Gas Zone
has a database of laughing gas scenes in movies. Good site for fans of this genre.

Amazon Archives
Has covers, summaries of Wonder Woman comics.

Bad Girl KOs
a site for those interested in females KOing males.

Brian's Page
This site is dedicated to discussing scenes of women in bondage as they appear in the mainstream media.

Animeeny's Deviantart Page
This guy draws some good sleepy art.

Comic/Cartoon Captives Correspondence Group
Join the mailing list to receive comic book bondage scenes.

Time to Sleep
Japanese site. Contains database of chloroform scenes, but it's in Japanese.

Slumberville - The Chloroforum
A forum where sleepy fans can discuss mainstream scenes. Has a massive database of TV/Movie KO scenes. I no longer have a login to the forum, and the admins don't really respond. Oh well...