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Fans who have been following my artwork on deviantArt can now show their support through Patreon. Patreon is a platform that lets you contribute a monthly amount to a creator. In return, the creator gives you access to exclusive content.

For sleepycomics.com, this can be a better revenue stream, as opposed to the old donation page. Supporting sleepycomics on Patreon gives you exclusive access to my artwork, which has been a hit on deviantArt. You'll also get sneak peeks, variants and special drawings. I'm starting things off with tiers set at $2 and $5. If you aren't sure what this Patreon thing is about, e-mail me at [email protected], and I'll answer any questions you have.

Sleepycomics.com is now in its 11th year of continuous operation. During this time, I've given much to the community and asked for little. Believe me: if this Patreon works out, you will see MORE content from me!

Thanks for your support!

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Thunderbolts # 124
9 hours ago
Just odd to me that SHE is carrying the guy, while he is carrying the GIRL
Thundercats #3 (1987)
20 hours ago
@Red : with pleasure
Thundercats #3 (1987)
20 hours ago
Cool find! Thank you.
Wonder Woman '77 meets Bionic Woman
1 day ago
Probably the best ko scene got out of this series. I had hoped they would treat us with a chloroform scene at least.
Justice League #4
4 days ago
Actually not bad! I like how you can see her eyes rolling back. Hope nothing bad happens to her though.
Harley Quinn #45
4 days ago
Yeah I'm curious as to what happens next.
Harley Quinn #45
4 days ago
I ain't been here for a minute, but this was a nice one to return to see. That expression prior to passing out is priceless x3
G.I. Joe #116-118
1 week ago
I've always wanted to see more Joe ladies strapped into the brainwave scanner
Vampirella #105
1 week ago
Vampirella #107
1 week ago