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Happy New Year!

Sleepycomics.com continues to grow thanks to some generous users who help find and upload scenes. It's always a nice surprise to see my inbox with new scenes waiting to be approved! Shout out to Xenaphon and ProjectX for posting most of the scenes recently.

This website has been running for over 11 years now. Many websites of this nature never make it that long, but I've vowed to keep this site running for as long as I can. Websites like this do cost money to run, however. If you enjoy using this site, consider donating! You'll feel good, and if you donate $5.00 or more I'll gift you a digital drawing I made:

In 2018, I hope to see lots of new content added to this site, and I also plan on drawing a lot more art.

Thanks in advance!
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Bizarre Thrills
6 hours ago
Absolute classics!
Y The Last Man #40
6 hours ago
Hope there's a follow up
Hunt for Wolverine : Mystery in Madripoor #1
6 hours ago
Like the scene, but I prefer a different art style to be totally honest.
Tomb Raider: Inferno #1
6 hours ago
Nice, good to say Lara getting some scenes again
Perfect Dark: Hunting Season
6 hours ago
Great scene!
Chinese Manga - 如果我看到了你的世界 ch. 36
1 day ago
I love how her eyes are rolling back as she is passing out so hot!
Perfect Dark: Hunting Season
2 days ago
Joanna Dark is really sexy here. And the wake up is nice too!
Death's Head II #2 (vol. 2)
2 days ago
Beautiful full body shot of the sexy Rogue laid out unconscious in her best uniform.
X-Men Unlimited #13
4 days ago
Rouge was so hot in that uniform.
Bizarre Thrills
6 days ago
Oh, i remember this old comic! Fun stuff!