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Ughhhhh...this sucks. Around noon today, I got an email from DeviantArt saying they suspended my account. Violated their policies...something like that. I submitted an appeal and was informed that my situation was ineligible for appeal.
I'm trying to move past it, but I'll be honest...losing that account hurts. I had my entire 15 year art career history on that site. All the posts, comments, faves, notes...gone in an instant.

I get it...I'm on their platform and I abide by their rules. But I had invested years of time and energy into building that page, even recently celebrating 9000 watchers. My trust is completely shattered.

This event has forced me to revisit my old site...this one, sleepycomics.com. I've updated the art gallery to release my public pieces.

I also have a Pixiv,Twitter, and Patreon account. My fanfictions are on AO3. I'm on Discord under the username sleepycomics. My email is red at sleepycomics.com. Hopefully I'm okay elsewhere (but you never know...)
Please reach out! I'm very nice.

I'm taking some time to grieve, but I shouldn't be going anywhere. I have too many sleepy peril art ideas to draw. Thanks a lot everyone for your support over the years!

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Jenifer #23
1 week ago
Great scene! Some of the picture comic fummetti were prime DiD territory. I had never heard of this series before...thanks!
Uncanny X-Men #258
2 weeks ago
@angelus5 : lusting over a teenager, nothing creepy about that.
Birds of Prey #92
5 weeks ago
Revisiting this scene, and I have a new found appreciation for it. Yes, it’s brutal, but I just love how Canary is drawn here. The artwork...
D & D original rules
10 weeks ago
@Torvotyrannus175 : Magic Missile was never a strong spell. It's the balance to the fact that it never misses.
D & D original rules
11 weeks ago
was magic missile that strong back then that you just got dropped instantly or is this just a plot convenient magic missile
Wonder woman (jlu) chloroformed comic
11 weeks ago
what happened to your DA account?
Harley's Little Black Book #1
15 weeks ago
I ended up making artwork based on this scene, featuring Batgirl: https://www.deviantart.com/sleepy-comics/art/Batgirl-Chloroformed-by-Har...
Nancy Drew: The Swami's Ring
22 weeks ago
And in the book, Nancy finds herself in such a peril after beeing chloroformed (nice scene)
Danthrakon volume 3
27 weeks ago
Very nice find! Artwork is good.
The Vindicators (X53 Studios)
31 weeks ago
Great chloroform scene with a nice ending.
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