An update after a long hiatus; Halo 3 Taking over my life.

Oct 02, 2007 12:16 AM | 9
I updated the database with three KO scenes. Yeah, there is hardly anything showing up and I've been kind of lazy. There is an interesting "close-call" chloro scene that I put in the miscellaneous pictures section. I also added some images to the comic girls section as well. Yeah, not a big update, but I did reach 1302 scenes total today.

A lot of you guys are probably thinking I made out with R.E. during the last couple weeks. Well, things got a little complicated. Yes, we hung out a lot. She came over to my place and I went over to hers. We talked a lot, we ate lunch together. She called me multiple times. It sounds like we are a couple, but here's the thing: R.E. already has a boyfriend. So, why the heck is she hanging out with me all the time? Well her boyfriend lives in New Jersey and we are both in Ohio. Me and her are the best of friends right now, and that's probably as close as it will get. Every time I try to make an advance on her (such as holding her hand, feeling her hair, etc) she will always seem unsure, as if she shouldn't dishonor her boyfriend. So basically there is zero chance of me making out with her. My guess is that she is really lonely on campus so she wants a male companion to keep her company. Who knows though. When a guy and a girl spend a lot of time together, they can become really attracted to each other.

I just got a new video game. It's Halo 3. It's fucking awesome. I've been playing this game nonstop since I got it Friday. Online play is so much fun. If anyone who is reading this plays Halo 3, we need to exchange gamertags and find each other online.

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Another Post Where I Look at my Life

Oct 14, 2007 10:14 PM | 6
My latest update contains two Black Canary KO's from World's Finest #248 and #262. I also added two other scenes.

So it seems like I have sort of lost interest in sleepy stuff, but that's not really true. It still crosses my mind daily. I'm just so busy and I am coming across less and less material. Some people sent me some cool scans though. I just don't have the fire in me to look for sleepy scenes anymore. It's so hard to update this site because, well, I don't know what to talk about. I don't want to talk too much about my life, but even my life is boring as hell.

Yeah, I am still seeing that girl; R.E. is her name. Remember how I told you she has a boyfriend already? Despite that, we still hang out. On Tuesday I bought her lunch and we went to her place. We listened to music and played DDR. Today she also called me. I wish I knew what was going through her mind. Maybe she actually loves me, but is too afraid to break up with her current boyfriend. Maybe she just wants a close friend. I wish I knew her motivations for calling me and hanging out with me. Is it because she is lonely? She tells me that most of the time she just sits in her room and plays World of Warcraft. Whenever I see her she is just by herself. When she is not playing video games usually she is sleeping. She told me how she slept for 24 hours straight yesterday.

I admit, I am attracted to her. I can't stop thinking about her. But, I know I will probably never HAVE her. And whenever that crosses my mind, it's so depressing because me and her are like a perfect match. In all the years of my life I have never gotten this close to a girl. Sometimes, it gets so depressing to the point where I want to go buy some alcohol and just drink my problems away. But a few things are stopping me:

One, I am not 21 yet.

And two, my life is like perfect right now. Even though I am kind of lonely in life, my life fucking rocks. I have everything I could possibly want. I have a job, a bright future, superfast internet, an Xbox 360 with Guitar Hero II (and Halo 3), a 22 inch HD monitor, a successful website, and fantastic juggling skills. I have all these things, who cares if I don't have a REAL girlfriend right now? One day, I will be so freaking rich and successful girls will be begging to go out with me. Love is something you can't really predict. It's something that just happens naturally I guess.

One day I will look back on my blog posts and laugh at how naive I was. I like girls alright, but I think I enjoy watching them sleep more.

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