4 Reasons Why Sleepycomics.com is Your Final Stop for Sleepy/Bondage Content

Jul 03, 2012 01:18 AM | 4
Okay, so my last post for the women of Sleepycomics.com didn't do so well. So let's change things up. It's no secret I love this website. I like to think of it as Fuel for my sleepy fetish. Just like cars need gasoline to run, I need sleepy and bondage content to fuel my life. Don't we all right?

Here are my reasons for why Sleepycomics.com should be the final pit stop to fuel your fetish!

1. Consistent updates

I can't count how many times I would visit my favorite fetish website, only to have stale content that is months old. You've all seen it. Static websites that haven't been updated in years; blogs with posts from 2005. It's frustrating when web content doesn't update.

That's why I started Sleepycomics.com.

I was sick and tired of waiting for other people to update their websites. I needed fuel for my fetish, and I needed it NOW! So I went out, and started finding my own sleepy content. Sleepycomics.com was born, and the rest is history.

2. Better Data Management And Searching

When you have lots of data and content, managing it can be tough. That's why I love Sleepycomics.com's search feature!

Type in something like Zatanna Gagged, and the content you want shows up...just as expected.

This is because of scene tags and descriptions, all of which are searchable. I am constantly trying to improve the metadata surrounding scenes, which means finding what you want will be even easier.

I also work hard to make sure all content stays online. In the past, we relied on free image hosts like Imageshack to store our pictures. And then in a few months, they would take the image down. I now host everything myself.

3. Quality Content

Not only are content updates consistent, but content on Sleepycomics.com is improving in quality. I am constantly updating old scenes with better scans and more metadata. I have even gone out of my way to obtain better image scans.

For example, everyone's favorite scene: Batgirl vs. Riddler by ChadTheH. That scene used to have very low quality scans, where you could barely read the text. I obtained the better versions by doing an art trade with ChadTheH.

Just today I posted better scans from an old Vampirella comic.

4. A jack of all trades webmaster

I live by the motto, "The only way to get something done, is to do it yourself!"

Sleepycomics.com is primarily run by one person, along with a handful of people who also contribute content (you know who you are. Thanks guys!)

I handle all content discovery, metadata entry, content and software management and even content creation. This means I do not have to rely on anyone else. Independence is a truly liberating feeling. Now I know why people become entrepreneurs!

Having someone at the forefront who can manage everything means you're going to get the best possible experience out of this website!

I'm extremely passionate about my sleepy fetish, and I enjoy making the world a better place for people like me. Let's all try to make this the best sleepy fetish community on the internet!

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Is Chloroform the Best KO Method? Five Reasons Why I think So...

Jul 04, 2012 10:09 AM | 14
Why do we sleepy fetish enthusiasts enjoy chloroform scenes so much? What is it about this particular knockout method that is so enticing and so sexy?
It really is hard to quantify. Chloroform scenes make up a large chunk of KO scenes on Sleepycomics.com, over 800 last I checked. I'm going to try and explain why I think chloroform is the best KO method all around!

1. It's in the middle between "gentle" and "violent".

Chloroform is what I'd classify as a 'soft' knockout. Soft knockouts shouldn't physically harm the damsel. Other examples include gas, fainting and druggings. 'Hard' knockouts involve some sort of physical harm. Head KO's, neck chops, tranquilizer darts...they are quite painful!

Chloroform is sort of in between. It's 'soft' like a gas scene, but 'hard' in the sense that you need to restrain the damsel. This gives you the best of both worlds.

2. The damsel is fully aware of her peril

Chloroform is unique in that damsels who are in the process of getting knocked out, are fully aware of their danger and peril. Think about it. With head KO's, the knockout is almost instantaneous. The damsel doesn't have time to even react to her situation. Gas and drugging scenes are ambiguous, because the damsel may think she is just getting tired.

But with chloroform, the damsel knows she's in danger the minute she smells those fumes on the cloth. And there's nothing she can do about it, except struggle. This situation awareness makes the knockout scene that much more appealing to us sleepy enthusiasts.
Because while we love seeing sleeping damsels, we love it even more when they are in danger.

3. Two words: Lynda Carter.

When you think about chloroform, you think about Wonder Woman. And why do you think about Wonder Woman? Because of a wondrous woman named Lynda Carter, who gracefully acted out one of the greatest chloroform scenes ever put on film. Her contribution to society probably created a whole generation of sleepy fetish enthusiasts. There was nothing more sexy than seeing the all powerful Wonder Woman, getting defeated with a simple cloth.

It was the ultimate shift in power balance...and we loved it.

4. Chloroform levels the playing field

We lowly mortals can only fantasize about knocking out all powerful superheroines. Do you think you could beat Wonder Woman or Supergirl in a fight? No chance. And honestly, even with chloroform, at their current power levels you couldn't touch them.

But there was a time when chloroform and sleeping gas DID work on those heroines. And while you most certainly couldn't head KO Wonder Woman (unless you're in the Golden Age), you could chloroform her! Hey, they did it on the TV show!

Suddenly the balance of power shifted. With this magical chemical, you could defeat the most powerful heroine in the DC universe. And that was awesome.

5. Chloroform is used mostly on (fictitious) women

Sure, I have a few male chloroform scenes. They aren't very good and no one looks at them. But the female chloroform scenes...oh my! They are so much higher in quality.

I am not skipping male chloros on purpose either. Male chloroform scenes are literally harder to find. Chloroform as a KO method, was made for women. God himself couldn't come up with a sexier KO method.

Really think hard. Is there any male chloroform KO scene that even approaches the same level as the Wonder Woman, Catwoman or Ruse chloros that are so lauded? There are none. And that's because it simply looks better and sexier when a woman is chlorformed.

But don't let me have all the fun. Share your reasons for why you think chloroform is the best KO method! If you disagree, tell us your favorite method, and why!

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3 Reasons You Should Donate to Sleepycomics.com Today!

Jul 06, 2012 06:34 PM | 0
I really hope everyone has been enjoying the huge revamping I've done with this site. It was a lot of effort for the last two months, but oh was it so worth it. The content is just streaming in.

But it's that time of year again. The time to ask some generous users to give a little to make running this site a little easier.

You see, Sleepycomics.com makes virtually no money. None. There are no advertisements. There are no pay walls. I believe the information on this site should be free. I like to think of Sleepycomics.com as the "Wikipedia" of the sleepy fetish world. But it still costs money to keep this site up, and I think the cost will start growing. You see, in the last month, Sleepycomics.com has consumed over 400 GB of bandwidth. This hasn't caused issues yet, but it's pushing the limit. That's why I am starting to use Cloud storage to store content...which costs money.

That being said, I am going to pull a 'Jimmy Wales' on you guys. Here are three reasons why you should send a few bucks today!

1. You will encourage me to find and create more content

Sometimes, it feels like I am talking to an empty audience with this site. A lot of scenes go by with no comments or ratings. Blog posts don't get much response. It's a little dehumanizing.

Donating would prove to me that real people care. You don't know how great it feels when I see a new subscriber. Even if it's just a few dollars, it makes me want to get up and start finding content. It truly is encouraging to me.

2. Costs are rising along with web traffic

Like I mentioned in my spiel above, the costs to run this site are most likely going to go up in the future. I am already getting hints that I may have to switch to something called "VPS Hosting", which is pretty costly. Finding content also costs a little. For instance, in order to process all the manga, I had to buy a Ryushare account which was about $13. Not a lot of money, but it can add up.

I believe strongly in transparency, so I will just list out all the costs of Sleepycomics.com:
* Hosting: $120 per year (this was just renewed again. Comes down to about $10 per month).
* Domain name registration: ~$50 (I am paid in full for the next five years)
* File locker accounts: ~$12-14 per month
* Amazon S3 - $4-5 per month (this is something new I am trying to offload bandwidth)

If you have any specific questions about the costs of running Sleepycomics.com, and want them answered before sending a donation, please e-mail me at [email protected]. I WILL respond.

Honestly, it's not really that much money when you look at it. I've been covering it for about the last 3 years or so. A few dollars from some people would actually cover the costs substantially.

3. It will make you feel good!

Those of you who frequent my site are probably amazed at all the content you get, for no cost! It may even make you feel guilty. So don't feel guilty!

For example, I use Wikipedia all the time. When Jimmy Wales had that big donation campaign, I gave $5. Not a lot of money, but it made me feel good!

I think we as humans almost have an innate desire to give to others who give back. We take a little, and then give a little. That's how society advances!

So donate to Sleepycomics.com. Feel good!

Donate Here

Thank you.

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3 Ways you can support Sleepycomics.com WITHOUT donating money!

Jul 10, 2012 06:07 PM | 0
Hmmm, so it seems not everyone was interested in that last donation pitch. That's okay, I understand that money is tight these days. Don't you worry...Sleepycomics.com is here to stay, funds, or no funds!

If you still want to donate, please DONATE HERE.

Thanks in advance to anyone who donates!

For those who can't donate, but still want to support Sleepycomics.com, fear not. There are other ways!

Here are three ways you can help Sleepycomics.com today, without sending a donation:

1. Find new comic and manga scenes

There is a saying: "Time is money." I believe strongly in this. Finding scenes for Sleepycomics.com takes time and energy, and my time is limited. I have a day job, and I am pretty exhausted when I get home. I still manage to plow through hundreds of comics though.

If you can help find more content for Sleepycomics.com, you will save me time and money! That's the same as donating real currency, in my eyes at least. I can then use my freed up time to do other things, like create original content.

E-mail me if you want tips and strategies for finding content.

2. Donate a Rapidshare, Hotfile, or other file locker account

If you use a premium file locker account, like Rapidshare, Hotfile, Sendspace, Ryushare, etc...let me share it with you! This would cut down on that monthly cost for me. It would be the same as if you donated directly to the site. Most of the premium accounts have virtually unlimited bandwidth, so there's no loss on your part.

3. Write descriptions for older scenes

A lot of my older scenes have no descriptions. This was because I never focused on writing them early on, mostly due to laziness. Scene descriptions are actually really valuable. They enable search engines to index the images better. They make it easier to find the scenes you want!

I can't emphasize this enough. Good scene descriptions will add a ton of value to Sleepycomics.com. If you write scene descriptions for me, you'll never have to send a donation ever again.

Good scene descriptions should describe the characters involved, what they are wearing, the actions taking place and contain relevant keywords. You can e-mail a whole text file of descriptions to me, and I will update each scene. Or if you prefer, just write the description in a comment under each scene.

Thanks for you support!

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Why I love the "Random" button on Sleepycomics.com

Jul 14, 2012 10:50 AM | 3
Before I start with today's post I just want to thank user eriepatrick for donating the ChadTheH artwork. I really hope you guys liked those comics! My favorite is the She-Hulk sleeping gas KO.

I also hope you are enjoying the flood of new content. Some of the stuff I find is out of this world, and it is exciting when I get to share it with you.

And while new content will always be more popular, I don't want people to forget our beginnings. The classics, the old scenes, the forgotten scenes...they are still on Sleepycomics.com! We are a positive growth database; the only direction we can go is higher.

I've always believed, I could stop posting content today and we could survive off the content that exists now. I'm always going to the very first posts of the database, looking at the classic scenes that I started with. I am always finding new things, new subtle details I never noticed before. It's a lot like watching a movie for the second or third time.

That's why I love the 'Random' button! Clicking it is like a mini adventure. What will I find next? The beauty of having so much data, is that there is always something new to find.

Even though I approve every scene, I still find hidden gems! I'll hit the Random button and say to myself, "wow, I never knew I had that scene!"

Try it! Click Random a few times and let me know what gems you uncover.

P.S. If you enjoy the content on Sleepycomics.com, please chip in a donation today to show some support! Thank you!

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Let's talk about censorship at Sleepycomics.com...

Jul 16, 2012 06:05 PM | 9
There was a discussion thread in a recent scene that caused me to think a lot lately. I posted a scene from my collection that had some questionable content, and I think it got some people worried. I want to use this post to address some of these concerns.

Let's start with a question: How is Sleepycomics.com possible? How can a website which has drawings of women being chloroformed, gassed, tied up, gagged, hit over the head, etc...exist in America?

We are allowed to exist because we have an amazing thing called free speech. We live in a society where we don't have to repress ourselves..we have the freedom to express ourselves. We share these images and we celebrate them freely, without worrying about being persecuted. It's a fundamental right we have.

There's a line though that we can't cross. That line is obscenity, and it is not protected by The First Amendment. Obscenity is content the community deems harmful to be shown, and includes things like extreme violence or pornography. As long as our expression doesn't harm anyone and is not obscene, we are protected by The First Amendment.

The obscenity clause is the reason why I censor nudity pretty liberally now. I usually censor it if I determine it to be "sexually explicit". Everyone's definition of "sexually explicit" is different. Some people think showing full frontal nudity is okay...some think it's explicit. Some people think showing a little nipple is okay...some don't. It depends on who you ask. It's a judgement call that I make every time I approve a scene. And believe it or not, sometimes it's a difficult call.
For example, everyone loves Dejah Thoris scenes. Only problem? The Martian Goddess wears practically nothing. Should I censor her scenes? I decided not to, because I deemed the nudity to be "artistic and tasteful". In other words, it wasn't obscene nudity.

There was another manga scene I found a few weeks back that was also a tough call. One of the pages had an unconscious woman, with full breasts exposed front and center. I debated whether I should share this find uncensored or not. I decided to censor it because I deemed it too explicit. I didn't like it though, because a beautiful scene was ruined by a bunch of square pixels.

Then there is the question of "underage" damsels. This is another tough balancing act. I decided early on, that the same rules apply: non-obscene free speech. As long as the scene doesn't show extreme violence, is not obscene and not sexually explicit...I don't have a problem with it. That is my rule. This rule seems crazy, and it may result in offensive content being posted every once in a while...but freedom has costs.

I'd rather show the world what I find, rather than hold back the information. Remember, every time I censor something, that's potentially good content that you will never see.

That being said, here are the following action items I plan to take:
* I will continue censoring images I find obscene.
* I will audit the database for previously approved stuff and remove anything obscene. I apologize if this causes your favorite scene to disappear.
* I am going to scale back my usage of exhentai.org as a source, and focus more on mainstream manga, comics and original art. Most of the good content from that site has been found anyway.
* I will continue to post my best scene finds.

Thank you for understanding. If you have questions or concerns, please e-mail me at [email protected]. I WILL respond.

Free speech is an amazing thing. Appreciate it, and embrace it.

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Sleepy ad in the NY Metro today!

Jul 19, 2012 06:12 PM | 1
So I was riding the subway this morning when I came across this neat advertisement in the July 19th edition of Metro New York. This is a free newspaper read by almost all of New York every weekday.

The advertisement was for Tequila, and it shows a very sleepy girl lying in a sexy pose. Pretty seductive ad!

I guess the traditional "sex sells" marketing approach is still active. But maybe we're trending towards "sleep sells"! One can only hope.

I think the one industry that can benefit is the mattress industry! Imagine seeing an ad for Tempurpedic mattresses...with a sexy sleepy girl on it! I'd totally buy one man.

I wonder how many advertisements I've missed that had sleepy content in them?

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Two cool features of Sleepycomics.com!

Jul 22, 2012 12:31 AM | 0
Hey all, hope you liked that Dream Girl gas scene I made for you!
Today I am going to explain in detail two interesting features of Sleepycomics.com.

1. Searching via URL

You can now type something like this:


When you click that link, it will take you directly to the search page, with the "chloro" search parameter. If you want to post links to other forums, or even create a bookmark for your favorite search terms, this will give you a nice clean URL.

2. The category page!

The category page now has sorting and date filtering! An example category page would be:


You can specify whether you want to see scenes from one month, three months or one year ago. You can also sort each column in the table now. It's pretty cool!

The most useful thing this will let you do is see the most popular scenes in the last month.

That's all for today's post.

Just a friendly reminder, donations are still being accepted! Visit sleepycomics.com/donate to chip in today!

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Sleepycomics.com User Spotlight: Blx

Jul 25, 2012 06:01 PM | 5
Today's post is not going to be about me - it's going to be about one of our users! It's something new I am trying, called The Sleepycomics.com User Spotlight. I will pick one of our active users and conduct a fun interview. This way, we get to learn a little more about our community.

For this post, I interviewed Blx.

Blx has been a user since the very beginning of this site, almost six years now. He has contributed an impressive 233 scenes to the Sleepycomics.com database!

Let's learn some more about Blx!

Interview start

Question: Hi Blx, what is your age, and what country are you from?
Blx's Answer: I'm 26 and I live in the Netherlands.

Question: Tell me about 2 or 3 of your passions in life.
Blx's Answer: First is football/soccer. I've played it all my life and just love the sport. Second is making music. I've played guitar now for 5 years. Too bad I don't have the voice to sing or I would've made it big. Or maybe not. Who knows.

Tell me, what does your sleepy/bondage interest mean to you?
Just a fetish I guess. The bondage isn't really my thing and the sleepy is just something that's a part of me. I don't really know how to explain it. I really enjoy it, but I'm not obsessed by it.

How did you first find Sleepycomics.com?
I was on the old blog you made before you made SC. I can't really remember how I got there. I just know I was looking to fill the void that Project X left. Project X also had sleepy comic scenes but suddenly disappeared after which I started drifting between AVGDID and other stuff.

How often do you visit Sleepycomics.com?
Once every day.

What was your initial impression of Sleepycomics.com? What is your impression of the site today?
I first thought the site looked okay. But the functions, the database and the easiness to look at the scenes were brand new and are still great. The site today has become a part of my every day life. Just gotta check it once a day. I think it looks great, works great and I like that you're constantly looking to improve it. I think that it's one of the best quality fetish sites on the internet.

Who is your favorite character on Sleepycomics.com, and why do you like that character?
Black Cat and Lara Croft. The first because of the costume and she was one of the first female superheroes I saw (I read Spider Man as a kid). Lara Croft because she's not a superhero but a normal woman who does amazing things and looks great while doing it.

What is your favorite scene involving that character? Why do you like that scene?
Of Black Cat it's of the Spiderman cartoon where she's gassed. I love the pass out and that she's held up by her arm when she's unconscious.
Of Lara Croft it's Tomb Raider #17/19. Love the way she looks hanging in those webs. I saw a black and white version of it on Andy Park's website and searched for it endlessly. Then finally I found a torrent of the Tomb Raider comics and found it.

Describe what would be the *perfect* scene involving your favorite character.
I don't really care which of the two. First of all, she would have to be in action. Meaning, in the environment where she normally operates and in the clothing/costume she usually wears.

She would be doing whatever when she's hit by a dart. She pulls it out and starts looking for the shooter. Then she starts to stumble and get dizzy and thats when the 'villain' comes out (would be better if she was female, even better if it was a female heroine gone bad/hypnotized. Or at least someone she trusts).

The 'villain' starts circling her and taunting her and thats when she sags to her knees, with her arms hanging limp and. Everything is spinning and the voice of the villain is far away. Then the villain decides to put her out for real and chloroforms her. Her weak arms can't even get to the hand chloroforming her. Her eyes roll and then she's out (eye roll of Tomb Raider #10 would be very good).

The villain drops her body to the ground, lingers at it, then picks her up by the costume/hair and lifts her in the air and taunts her (like Stargirl in 'Sofyan - Max Lord wins').

Following is an OTS carry where you can see her ass and face. After, she's strapped to a table/interrogation device, spread eagled. She starts to wake up a bit but is knocked out again through a clear view gas mask which is then strapped to her face. Final shot is a full body shot of her unconscious, being gassed, tied up and helpless.

If that scene ever happened, I could die happily. Maybe I'll commission it one day.

Does anyone in your life know about your sleepy/bondage interest? If so, how did they react, and how do you feel about it?
No. And I don't think I'm going to tell as well. I told one of my girlfriends once that I thought female kidnapping scenes were pretty hot, but never more than that.

Finally, do you have any questions for me?
You used to post updates on your blog on how you were doing, but stopped at some point. How are you doing nowadays?

End of interview

To answer Blx's last question, I'm doing great these days! I got a new job which is a lot less stressful. In fact, it's one of the reasons why I began to update this site more. I'm also going to focus on improving my artwork. Working on this site for the last three months has pretty much been my life though.

I hope you enjoyed that insight. If you would like to be interviewed for my next spotlight, send an e-mail to [email protected]. I WILL respond.

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Six Years and Counting

Jul 27, 2012 06:12 PM | 9
Hi all, I hope you enjoyed reading the spotlight on user Blx. If you haven't read it yet, you can read Blx's spotlight interview here.

Anyway, on to today's blog post.

Sleepycomics.com is now 6 years old!

Six years ago, I was a 19 year old kid who was headed off to college, with no idea what was ahead. Six years ago I was just beginning to recognize and embrace my sleepy fetish. Six years ago, I started Sleepycomics.com. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined being here today. Collecting over 22,000 images, operating a website with over a million page views per month, and even becoming an artist.

I know I sometimes come across as a braggart, but I am just going to go ahead and say it: I truly think Sleepycomics.com is the best sleepy fetish website ever made. The quality of content, the organization of the data, the timeliness of updates...if I was just a regular user, I'd be amazed. If I was still that 19 year old kid with a sleepy fetish, I'd be so happy if Sleepycomics.com existed back then.

It wasn't always like this. When I started six years ago, I was hosting a Blogspot blog on Tripod.com. My database had maybe 200 things in it, and it was updated in Microsoft Word. That's right. I made a table in Microsoft Word, saved it as HTML, and posted it every time I had to make an update. Since then, the technology I developed to power Sleepycomics.com has improved tenfold. There's really nothing like it out there, which is why Sleepycomics.com is so unique.
Throughout the years I kept changing the layout, trying new things. I finally settled on the "Sleepycomics.com Express" layout, which is what you use today.
I treat Sleepycomics.com like an entrepreneurial endeavor. I am always asking myself, "how can I do this better?" And when I think of a solution, I do my best to implement it.

In those six years, I got better at finding new content. You see, when I was little, I used to love collecting things. I collected coins, stamps, rocks. I liked cataloging things and collecting data. I was a very analytically inclined nerd. I remember going to my local bank and getting rolls upon rolls of pennies. I'd search through the pennies one by one, looking for 'Wheaties', foreign coins or anything odd. Sleepycomics.com is kind of like that. Instead of coins though, I collect and catalog sleepy scenes.
Coin collecting is a zero-sum game however. If I have the coin, no one else can have it. With sleepy scenes, once I find it, the whole world can have it.

As time went on, I developed various strategies for finding new sleepy content. At first, I just did Google searches for things like "chloroform comics", and that turned up some interesting stuff. If you search that same thing today, you basically get my website! I read comic book summaries, looking for keywords like "knocked out" and "unconscious". More recently, I started doing brute force searches, where I'd plow through an entire series. I've seen a lot of interesting stuff as a result. I can tell you all sorts of stuff I learned about comics...without ever having read a single one!

Six years have gone by, and I still can't thank you guys enough, the users of Sleepycomics.com. You guys showed me that I wasn't just some weird 19 year old kid with a sleepy fetish...there are other people just like me! I also want you guys to ask yourselves the same question I ask myself everyday: "How can we make Sleepycomics.com better?" We can always be better. Send your thoughts and ideas to [email protected]. I WILL respond!

Thinking about the past six years is fascinating. But the next six years? One can only dream!

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Sleepycomics.com User Spotlight: bobko

Jul 29, 2012 08:46 AM | 9
Today I had the chance to interview one of our prominent members: bobko.

He's been with us since the beginning, and has contributed an astounding 319 scenes. That's the most scenes out of anyone (except me of course ^_^).

So let's learn more about him:

Interview start

Question: Hi Bobko, What is your age, what country are you from and what do you do for a living?
Bobko's answer: Actually, I just turned 29, in fear of the 30yr milestone. I currently reside in the Netherlands but try to travel as much as I can. I manage a small niche-based advertising agency and can pretty much work wherever there's an internet connection.

Question: Tell me about 2 or 3 of your passions in life.
Answer: My biggest passion is actually running my businesses. I've been an entrepreneur for almost a decade now and though I've seen lots of ups and downs I wouldn't trade it for the world. Besides that the usual stuff; Watch Mad Men, Entourage and some other series. Hang out with friends, hit the club scene and enjoy foreign cities.

Tell me, how did you first discover your sleepy interest? How do you feel about it today?
The first time I became aware I "sexually" liked it must have been during one of the "Spiderman and his Amazing Friends" episodes when the ever gorgeous Firestar got knocked out. But even when I was younger I used to not be able to put the snow white fairytale book away. I could read the paragraph about how she fainted when she took a bite of that apple over-and-over.

I also remember that when I had a foreign dictionary in my hands I always looked up the words "unconscious" and "fainting" lol. Right when I became aware I liked fainting and unconscious heroines the X-Men Animated Series started to air in my country. Especially in the first season there was a good knockout each episode, and the female characters were drawn lovely. Unfortunately I was working as a paper boy on Sunday mornings when it aired so I could not see the episodes, but we had a VCR recorder. So with my first money I bought about 10 VCR tapes and started to tape every X-Men episode which then turned out to be very helpful later.

For the longest period of time I thought it was weird. And allthough all my friends and classmates also watched the marvel cartoons and even read the comic books- I never told them WHY i did. Then the Internet found it's way to life and I discovered I was not alone. That was a huge relieve for me personally. So today I feel great about it. I know I am not alone, I know there are girls with the same fantasies, and I've seen fetishes and fantasies far beyond of what we are into. It is part of who I am and it has made me want to research certain skillets I now enjoy like photoshop, video editing etc.

How did you first find Sleepycomics.com?
Wow that's a rough one. The first community I discovered was Slumberville and I think at the time the comic/animation focussed KO sites were Ethernet and Project X. And then there was also a cartoon KO group on Yahoo Groups. Unfortunately all of them eventually disappeared- but gave birth to something much better; sleepycomics.com.

How often do you visit Sleepycomics.com?
Once a day on average. But sometimes, I deliberately refrain myself from visiting the site(s) because I feel like I am getting too obsessed or addicted.

What was your initial impression of Sleepycomics.com? What is your impression of the site today?
I was extremely happy when you launched sleepycomics. I even remember buying you the domainname for the first few years when you got started. After Project X and Ethernet had died there really wasn't anything dedicated to the comic loving sleepy fetishists. The site has grown and tremendous amount since that time and I seriously can not thank you enough for the countless of hours, days and nights you have put into this place.
In my humble opinion this is without a doubt the best sleepy site on the web. As a webmaster I know it sometimes feels like it's a one way street where all the work comes down on you- but you're blog posts and encouragements have formed an amazing community of active users and contributors.

Who is your favorite character on Sleepycomics.com, and why do you like that character?
As some of you may have noticed I commission some work every now and then and the most commissioned character by far is Storm (Ororo Munroe) followed by the The Invisible Woman a.k.a. Sue Storm / Sue Richards (is there any character with more aliases then her ? :P) Both Storm and Sue are considered extremely powerful in the Marvel universe but were always portrayed to be very weak physically.

Storm would often get knocked out by a blow to the body or head- and sue would often faint after over-using her powers. In addition I just like the bodysuit costumes and I think especially Storm exhumes a very pure and innocent image in her white 90's jim lee uniform. But sleepycomics.com has made me fall in love again with other female characters like: Wonder Woman, The Scarlet Witch, Batgirl, Spider Woman, Black widow and Firestar.

What is your favorite scene involving that character? Why do you like that scene?
For Storm it's definitely some of mhunt's work I commissioned; "Mhunt - Storm vs. Sauron". It's a combination of some of my favorite unconscious poses put into a three page comic continuation. For Sue it's the piece I commissioned by ChadTheH. "Sue Storm get's gassed by Doom". Chad managed to capture that great 90's peril with the choice of words in the character speech bubbles.

For Sue I also really like the panels and cover on "Fantastic Four V3 #13 and #14". One of my other all-time favorites is the "Marvel Girls bagged" scene and the Avengers V1 #154 scene involving a sleep gassed Scarlet Witch that ends with an amazing arm carry at the end. The fact that she is unconscious for the entire action sequence and gets handed from one character to another without noticing makes it extremely hot.

Describe what would be the *perfect* scene involving your favorite character.
Rather then describing- I would love to show you. But not yet. I'm working on outlining two new commission stories. One involving the conclusion to the Sauron and Storm story. And one involving Wonder Woman, based upon the feedback I've received on the "Sensation Comics 77 - Fanart" piece I commissioned which is now ranked: #17 on the entire website!

Does anyone in your life know about your sleepy/bondage interest? If so, how did they react, and how do you feel about it?
In short, no. Though through the years- friends and even my girlfriend for 5yrs discovered bits and pieces of it. One of my programmers discovered I hosted this site on my company's servers for a while and didn't really seem to care or have any interest in it.

My girlfriend saw my organizing my image collection two or three times and when I quickly closed the windows she started busting my balls about it and ended up with the idea that I was into busty comic book heroines. On a closing note; some of my friends recently saw the art house movie "sleeping beauty" with "emily browning" and thought it was absolutely sick. So little chance I will ever come clean to them.

Finally, do you have any questions for me?
I do. I have one - and then some requests if you'll take them.

As humans we take a lot for granted. Every single day. I would like to ask you - to tell us, your visitors how many hours a week you spend on updating and managing this site. I want to make sure we don't take this for granted, because my friends - a lot of sites have gone away in the recent years I for one want to make sure this one stays.

So there you have it. My undying gratitude for funding, creating, building and maintaining this site. So…. now that I'm done sucking up to you. What are your thoughts on an iPad friendly layout and the ability to embed youtube clips? ;)

Interview End

Bobko asked some interesting questions. I plan on addressing them in a new blog post. Stay tuned!

Thannks again to Bobko for contributing so much to this site. If you'd like to be featured, send an e-mail to [email protected]. I will respond!

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What it takes to run Sleepycomics.com

Jul 31, 2012 06:01 PM | 7
Bobko asked me a very intriguing question in his Spotlight Interview. He basically wanted to know how many hours a week I put into running Sleepycomics.com. I am happy to go into detail on what it takes to run Sleepycomics.com. Hopefully then, everyone can appreciate the site a little more!

Let me start off by saying I have a regular day job. I work as a software developer in a corporation. It's a standard 9 - 5 job, 40 hours a week and pretty boring. For the past three months, running Sleepycomics.com has been my second job.

The daily routine

After I leave my office at 5:00 PM, I race back to my apartment, grabbing a Subway sandwich along the way. I am usually finished eating by 6:00 PM. This is when I usually check my inbox for any unapproved scenes. I'll go ahead and approve them at this point.
I will then check the standard comic websites to see if there are any new posts. I'll check comics until about 7:00 PM.

At 7:00 PM, I begin my daily posts, which include new scenes and blog updates. This can take a while, because I need to prepare the scans by cropping them, writing descriptions and entering the data. For blog posts, I save time by writing them at work, so they are ready to post when I get home.

When I'm done posting content, I'll go back to comics searching and research. I always keep a database of comics I've searched, to avoid duplicating effort.

When 8:00 PM rolls around, I stop what I'm doing and begin creating original art. This goes on for about two hours, until I hit 10:00 PM. I am usually pretty hungry by now, so I will go out and get a snack.

10:30 - 11:30 PM, I will sort of relax. I might do some searching, might post a few more things or just surf the web. I'm usually done with everything by 11:30 PM.

My "days off" are usually Thursdays and Sundays. I try to get in some relaxation time during the weekends. Saturday morning I will usually post something or work on my art. I also use the weekend to write code for my site.

In total, for the past three months, I have put in about 20-25 hours of work per week on Sleepycomics.com.

Why am I doing this?

Now the question you are probably asking yourself is, "why?" Why am I doing this?
The answer, is quite simple: I obtain immense satisfaction in helping people. When I am at my day job, I don't help anybody. I might help my bosses, but that's it, my work doesn't mean much. When I am relaxing and having fun, I am only helping myself.
But when I find new content and share it on my site, I am helping hundreds of people satisfy their sleepy fetish!
I totally understand what it's like to be in your shoes. I have the same fetish, the same desire to see women unconscious. I understand that, we have a need to fuel our sleepy fetish, the same way the rest of society fuels their desires with food, movies and sex.

Our impact

The second reason I am doing this, is for impact. There's no way that Sleepycomics.com has escaped under the radar for this long...people ARE aware of this site and what I am doing. Have you noticed the increase in the amount of sleepy art being posted to deviantArt? Have you noticed that artists are increasingly incorporating chloroform scenes in their works? Is it a coincidence that Adam Warren started Empowered after I started my site?

Believe it or not, I think Sleepycomics.com is making an impact. My goal is to make this sleepy fetish more mainstream, so that society stops ignoring us. Because it's frustrating when bondage, feet and furry fetishes are constantly given all the attention. Hopefully we'll get more mainstream scenes as a result!

That's the end of my post. I know it was a long read, but I hope it sheds some more insight into how and why I run Sleepycomics.com. Thanks for reading!

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