Updated + Moving to NYC

Jun 30, 2009 12:07 PM | 0
I have updated the site with some new scenes I found, and with some scenes a friend named Suicide (from Trifecta3.net) contributed. So far I've uploaded all chloroform scenes and gas scenes, but there's still tons more. I am going to update the site over the next few weeks.

Thanks to those people who uploaded scenes recently as well.
I just got back from a trip to China. It was really fun. Now I have to move to New York City, so I'll be really busy.

Most of the scenes were found from comicsworld.wordpress.com and a Dutch comics website (which is also linked on the comicsworld site).

I have an idea for making an addition to sleepycomics.com, called "Sleepy Comics Express". I think the current site is a little too complicated, so I want to simplify things. I want to create a site that doesn't have all the clutter the current site does. This new site will just have a search engine, nothing else. It will also use less AJAX to make navigation a little easier. I think I can improve the search functionality too. The new site will use the same database.

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