My Art Career

Mar 03, 2009 01:32 AM | 2
Yeah, so I've started doing original art now, in case you haven't noticed. I guess I've always had a little art blood in me. It's sort of caused me to neglect, but in reality, I am just expanding my services. Now, not only do I have a database of KO scenes, I also have the ability to produce my own KO scenes! If you visit my Deviantart page, you can see some of the art I've done recently. There are a few KO scenes, some bondage, and some pin-ups. I mostly draw women because seriously, what's the point of drawing ugly old dudes? Unless they are the villain I guess.

If you are wondering how the heck I suddenly became an artist, it's because I learned how to trace 3D models. I also taught myself how to color using Photoshop. My goal is to use my skills to produce some of the best sleepy/knockout/bondage scenes ever. I don't know if I'll ever replace Monsieur Paul or other greats, but I think I can make an impact. I want to explore what is possible with my skills.

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