Sleepy Comics moving towards faster content delivery

Sep 01, 2009 09:33 PM | 0

Like The Flash, Sleepy Comics will now update more frequently. I mean daily updates.
In the four years since was created, you guys have known me to be an innovator. I am one of the few developers in the bondage community who has embraced technologies such as CSS2, AJAX, PHP, Ruby on Rails, MySQL (with relational databases no less). Remember when I first launched my site? It is nothing compared to what I have now. is getting to the stage where I am moving gigabytes of data everyday. And managing all this data is tough. I have hundreds of scenes to upload, hundreds of comics to keep track of. In the past, I have tried to develop ways to make adding new scenes faster and easier for myself. Well the innovator in me has prevailed again, and I have once again developed a faster method of delivering new scenes to this site.

With my new method, I will soon be able to add scenes to this website in near real time, as I find them. What that means is potentially, I will be able to update daily. This is not some false promise, I will literally be able to push dozens of scenes per day automatically. Of course, this only works if I find scenes. If I don't find any scenes, then nothing will be added to the site.

What I can promise now, is whenever I find a scene, it will appear on this site almost immediately.

You can already begin to see this in effect. I just updated the site with a couple dozen new scenes (mostly Disney crap, but who cares, they bought Marvel).

Anyway, that's the exciting news I wanted to share with you. Innovation is what keeps this site alive

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Featured Scene: Global Garden vol. 4 Chloro

Sep 02, 2009 08:42 PM | 0

A fine example of a perfect chloroform scene. Manga produces real gems.
Imagine my surprise when I opened my inbox to find a new scene waiting for me! It was uploaded by one of the users on this site, quizotakutoyobanaide. Let me tell you, this is one of the finest manga chloros I have seen recently.

This scene has all the elements that comprise of a perfect chloro scene: preparation, the grab, pass out and unconscious carry.

One of the things I love about manga is its tendency to have long drawn out KO scenes. This scene from Global Garden was no exception. The whole chloroforming lasts two pages, which is unheard of for chloro scenes.

The following pages have the girl being carried unconscious for many panels (I can't count that high).

Western comics...we're lucky if we get a pass out.

I urge everyone to view this amazing scene and add it to your faves. And please thank the user who submitted it!

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Why I love Manhattan: Book Off

Sep 05, 2009 05:05 PM | 1

This is like the greatest bookstore ever.
Ok, so it's been about a month and a half since I moved to New York City. This city has like everything within arms reach, it truly is convenient. There is a CVS that is open 24 hours and it's right outside my apartment. I have restaurants, laundromats and stores all within walking distance.

Today, I decided to take a trip to the New York City Public Library in Grand Central. I heard this library is huge and I wanted to see what it had. To my dismay, it was closed (probably for Labor Day weekend). So as I was walking back, I notice this store called Book Off ( a play on the phrase F**k off maybe?).

I nearly passed it by because I thought it was some college bookstore...until I saw the word comic in big letters inside. I immediately cross the street and go inside. Turns out this is a mega book exchange run by the Japanese. And because it's run by the Japanese, it is full of manga. No, I'm not talking about your local library's pathetic manga collection or the crappy selection you find at Borders.
No, this store has the MOTHERLOAD of manga. The best part, is that around 90% of their manga is RAW, meaning directly from Japan.

Now, when I walked upstairs and saw the amount of manga they had, my jaw dropped. I literally stood there for five minutes, day dreaming about all the potential chloroform and bondage scenes that were just waiting to be found. The hardest part was figuring out which manga to start with.

I was in the store for about 2 hours just flipping through manga, looking for anything interesting. I found a few good scenes and decided to buy three books. Guess how much those three books cost me? $3.27, for all three. The books were one dollar each. One dollar for me is like a drop in the bucket. I have spent $3 on a Coke on the sidewalk here.

If I have time, I really want to come back to this store. It takes about 20 minutes to get to from where I live.

As a forewarning, if any of you are in this store and happen to see some dude flipping through manga haphazardly...that would be me.

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Will we ever be satisifed?

Sep 08, 2009 09:52 PM | 5
Today, I stand at 4,206 scenes indexed. Yesterday I had a field day with Sensation Comics. It's amazing how a comic that is more than 60 years old can still satisfy our cravings for knockout scenes. And coincidentally, it's that craving I want to talk about today.

Why are we never satisfied with what we already have? I have nearly every kind of chloroform, head KO, dart, injection, and unconscious carry scene you can imagine. I have knockouts of every kind of female, young and old, beautiful and ugly, from every possible angle. If I were somebody else, I'd say this was enough. There is no need to go any further, you have already seen the best that comics have to offer.

Thankfully that's not the attitude I take.

A lot of fetish sites die down after a few years, mainly because the webmaster becomes lazy and stops updating. You've seen them - websites that haven't been updated since 2004; sites filled with broken image links. is different. Instead of slowing down over the years, has actually accelerated in growth.

There is enough sleepy and bondage content here to last a lifetime. Why then do I keep searching for more, as if I don't have enough? Is it an obsession? When will I finally say, enough is enough?

These are hard questions to answer. I think the answer is simple though: we constantly want new stuff. Why do companies still make movies, comics and TV shows when there are already thousands in existence? It's because people get tired of the old and want new. And you can think of as like an artist. I am always putting out new stuff.

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Introducing the Sleepy Comics Discussion Board

Sep 13, 2009 02:17 AM | 3
Thanks for all the comments you guys are sending me! I have actually received quite a few comments in the past two weeks since I made the switch to this new site.

I wanted let you guys know that I am starting a discussion board on This is the first time I have ever added any sort of forum to my site. I think it will be an interesting experiment. You can visit the forum by going to There is also a link at the top of the page.

You must be a registered user to post on the board. Everyone who is currently registered for is automatically registered for the board. All posts are public, so you don't have to be a member to read posts.

In the past I considered adding a forum to, but I always decided against it because there was never enough user participation. I figured, if people won't even comment on scenes or the blog, why will they post in a forum? Well I started noticing more user participation, so I thought I'd try a forum.

Please, don't be shy about posting in the forums. I am not a mean guy and my forum will certainly not be as strict as The Chloroforum. You can guarantee that I will participate in almost all discussions.

So check it out and have fun!

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Featured Scene: Uncanny X-men First Class #3

Sep 21, 2009 11:03 PM | 0

Finally a great chloro!
Who wants a chloroform scene? Well, I got one. Man I was so happy when this showed up, I jumped around my room for a while. Yeah, kinda sad but whatever.

Basically in this issue, Moira Mactaggert gets chloroformed while in her car.

Actually this scene is only average, but I absolutely love the chloroform panel. It's so well done. You can see the cloth very well, the hand is firm against her head. I love the look of fear on Moira's face as well.

The only thing I don't like is how there is no pass out. The wakeup isn't bad, with her assailent mentioning using a sedative (avoiding the words 'chloroform' or 'ether').

On a side note, I found two other chloros today in Golden Age Black Terror comics, but they are male chloros, so they suck.

I got lucky today. I almost skipped over this issue.

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Features you should use: Faves and Ratings

Sep 27, 2009 06:32 PM | 0
I hope you guys are liking the updates. The last few weeks has seen some seriously good scenes uploaded, many of which will go down as classics.

I'm still a little disappointed though by the amount of user participation happening on this site. In particular, I really want people to fave scenes and rate scenes more. I'll give you my reasoning.

Faving scenes is probably more important than ever now. There are over 4,400 scenes on this site, and there is no way you are going to remember every single one. If you find a scene you like, add it to your personal faves collection. That way you can go back and see it again without having to search the whole database.

Your faves are also public, so everyone else can view them. You can construct a profile of yourself based on the kind of scenes in your faves. I will also be able to tell which scenes are more popular by the number of faves it has, but it won't work if the most faves a scene will ever get is 1 or 2.

Secondly, I would like people to rate scenes more often. I know I just re-implemented the rating system (it was gone for a few weeks), so people might have forgotten it.
Most scenes only have 1 or 2 ratings on them. In order to paint a more accurate picture on what kind of scenes are good, I will need ratings data.

Imagine if every scene had 20 or more ratings. We could then accurately sort scenes by rating (instead of by the votes of one person). The reason I don't sort scenes by rating right now is because my vote is very subjective and is virtually useless on its own.

On a positive note, I am very happy with how the forum is turning out. A lot of people are using it and there are some good topics. Please continue to post there!

Thanks and have fun viewing all the new scenes!

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