Slowing down my comic/manga searching...

Sep 04, 2012 09:43 PM | 0
Hey guys, thanks for all the feedback you gave me in my previous post. I will likely use some of those suggestions (but it will be a surprise!). In the meantime, there's an awesome Zatanna chloroformed piece for sale in the store. Check it out!

This post will also be really short and to the point. Basically, I am slowing down my searching of mainstream comics and manga, in favor of spending more time on original art. I feel I've passed a threshold of acceptability with my art, and want to expand on it. For the first time, I don't think I suck anymore!

There are lots of comic book and manga scenes left to discover, and I will need your help in uncovering them. Check out my links page for links to comic and manga websites.

Also, use my database as a resource. Don't search comics that have already been looked at. I keep my own personal list of searched comics here: The comics searched page. You can do basic word filtering on the list. It's a great way to save time when searching.

One of the best ways you can support today, is to help me find scenes!

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Store art this week: Power Girl!

Sep 08, 2012 11:11 AM | 15
I've just released this week's art for sale. It's a fully colored piece showing Power Girl being arm carried by Supergirl through the air. It's such a cool piece, like it came straight out of a comic book!
I tried new coloring techniques with this one, and I really like how it turned out. There's even a simple background which I normally don't do.

I am also going to do something different with this piece. I am going to reveal the whole image in a small thumbnail below:

This should give you an idea of what you'll be getting if you buy the whole piece. The full image is 2835x2947 pixels, and is over 2.9 MB in size!

For just a 99 cent donation to, you can own this piece today!

Thanks for your support!

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Okay, I'll admit it: Mainstream scenes don't interest me anymore...

Sep 13, 2012 11:39 PM | 16
I remember just a few years ago how I would crave for the next comic/manga scene to appear. I'd eagerly search through comics or wait for that "scene added" e-mail. Mainstream scenes excited me, because back then they were still a novelty.
Nowadays, mainstream scenes are a dime a dozen. I spend maybe two seconds looking at each one, before moving to the next one. I used to have comic issues and scenes memorized; now, each I forget each one.

Don't get me wrong: the sleepy fetish is still strong in me. I still have my superheroine and anime girl sleepy fantasies, and I am not slowing down! I will still likely check comics regularly and post the best stuff. Right now, I am trying to find other ways to express fantasies.

I think this transition was inevitable. It started out with me fantasizing about sleepy content. Then I started to consume sleepy content that other people posted. After that, I started finding my own sleepy content (hence, how was born). Finally, I started creating my own sleepy content (hence, the original art store).

If I was even more ambitious, my next step would be to publish my very own comic like Adam Warren did! That'll be a while...

When you are a creator, it puts you at the top of the content pyramid. You can control exactly what characters you want and how you want the scene to play out. You have the ability to make fantasies a reality. Being able to create content, makes you feel like a god.
To illustrate how advantageous it is to be a creator, think about when was the last time you saw Vampirella get chloroformed in a mainstream comic. I think it was in the 1970's. You can spend the rest of your life flipping through comics, and you will probably never find another Vampirella chloroform scene again. But being an original content creator, I was able to make a short Vampirella chloroform scene in a week's time. It's on sale in the store right now!

The unfortunate trade off to being a creator, is that I don't consume content as much anymore. I spend a lot of hard work and time, but it's very rewarding.

So I hope this post gives you some insight into why I am focusing on original art and pushing the store so much. I think it's a step in the right direction.

Speaking of the store, I am considering altering the pricing structure to make it even more affordable to buy the content. Art that is older than say, 4 weeks, would get bundled and sold in a discount package. Let me know if you think that's a good idea!

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Get your Scarlet Witch art today!

Sep 15, 2012 08:45 AM | 7
I'm releasing my art early this week. This time, it's Scarlet Witch! This drawing is based on an existing comic scene, from Vision and The Scarlet Witch, where The Grim Reaper chloroforms Scarlet Witch. One of my favorite comic scenes ever, but I felt it could be done better!

The drawing is once again, just a single panel. I prefer doing those now, because I am able to focus on making one image perfect.

In my drawing, Scarlet Witch's eyes look on helplessly, as the chloroform cloth gets pressed tightly over her mouth. She attempts to use her powers to ward off the attack, but it's futile. Behind her, The Grim Reaper looks on menacingly, his metal scythe pointed at Scarlet Witch. "Sweet dreams - Scarlet Witch!"

When I began planning and sketching out this image, I asked myself how would this look on a comic book cover? I think it would work well as a cover! Just put some titles and a logo...
It's easily my best scene yet. I know I say that with every new drawing, but it's true! Every new drawing is better.

I think sales are slowing down a little and that's kind of sad. Like I said in my previous post, I'll experiment with a more affordable pricing model. If you have not purchased a piece yet, I highly recommend starting with this Scarlet Witch chloro piece. If you like chloroform scenes, you will not find a better drawing anywhere else.

Support a great website, and get great art in return! Thanks everyone!

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Buy my art with credits!

Sep 16, 2012 11:03 AM | 0
Wow, that was fast. After user bobko suggested I create a 'points' system for buying art, I implemented it that day. It's a really good idea, and I think there's enough art to warrant this system.

The rules for buying art with credits is simple:

  • One credit buys one art piece.

  • You need a account in order to use credits. No way around this. Register today!

  • Once you purchase an art piece with a credit, you can download it immediately. You can also visit the store and download it whenever you want from then on.

You have two options for funding your account with credits:

Buy 5 credits for $4.77

Buy 10 credits for $8.99

If you do the math, you'll notice that you will end up paying less than 99 cents per drawing this way.
You still have the option to ignore credits, and just buy each piece individually for 99 cents.

Right now, there's only 7 drawings, but as you have probably noticed, I am adding new art constantly. I am working on a new piece right now as we speak!

If I see lots of users with credits, it will push me harder to make art for the store.

So if you have been holding off getting art, now is a great chance to dive in!

As a reminder, there's an awesome drawing of Scarlet Witch being chloroformed for sale. What are you waiting for? You may never see something like this in your life again!

Thanks everyone. If you have any ideas, e-mail me at [email protected] or leave a comment.

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New art this week from Video Game series

Sep 22, 2012 09:51 PM | 4
It took a whole week, and a little longer than I anticipated, but I finished this week's store art! I decided to do something from a video game series. I chose Soul Calibur because I played it when I was younger and the game has so many hot female fighters! It was so much fun drawing this piece. Makes me want to do more video game art now.

The art features the character Cassandra Alexandra, who is unconscious, being carried by her sister Sophitia. The colors are rich, the line work is detailed and there's even a decent looking background! It's seriously an amazing piece of art and well worth the 99 cent donation to!

Only 12 people have bought the Scarlet Witch Chloroformed art. If you haven't seen it yet, it's another piece I highly recommend.

Also, if you want to bulk purchase art, consider buying credits!. You can read about it here.

Thank you guys for uploading scenes to the site. I've sort of taken a break from comic searching to focus on my artwork. I think that focus has really paid off! The art is getting better.

My favorite scenes from the last week have to be Supergirl v6 #0 and Batman Beyond #12.

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Out of town this weekend

Sep 28, 2012 07:53 PM | 2
Hey all, really short post. I'm going to be out of town this weekend, so my weekly art will be delayed. Sorry.

Lots of new comics have been released and I haven't had a chance to look at them all. Help me out by checking them for scenes!

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