Why I haven't been updating this site...

Nov 09, 2013 09:56 AM | 3
So yes, I am still alive. I even made some original art recently!

Life's moving for me. I landed a new job in NYC, that's keeping me pretty busy. I'm spending lots of time on my other hobbies, which include juggling and even learning how to unicycle.

Am I the same prolific comic/manga searcher I was three years ago? Probably not. I occasionally skim the latest comics, but not everything. Here are some of the reasons I've lost motivation to search:

* It gets harder and harder to find good scenes. This is because we have a database of AMAZING scenes, so all new stuff is mediocre.

* Managing tens of thousands of images is difficult. Already I have a hard time locating a scene on my own hard disk! Backing things up takes longer.

* I've already surpassed my goal. I wanted to find the best comic and manga sleepy scenes, and I feel like I've done that. There's nothing left to prove.

I still check this site a lot. I always go back and look at my favorite comic scenes. A lot of times I rediscover scenes I forgot about, and it's an awesome feeling!

Keep submitting scenes though, there's been some neat stuff lately! Thanks!

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