Election over! Now I need to get back into art...

Nov 07, 2012 08:35 AM | 14
Every four years, I get so into politics. I am sort of a political junkie if you will. It consumes my life. Well President Obama was re-elected, and I think our nation needs to unite around him.

And now I need to think of a scene to draw.

I'm starting to have some doubts about the viability of the sleepy comics store. I thought it would be a little more popular, but it was probably wishful thinking. I'll try it for a few more weeks, and then maybe move to something else. I'll probably go back to just posting art to deviantArt.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Nov 22, 2012 09:20 AM | 6
Hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving! Now is the time to give thanks and to appreciate all the good things in life. I'm spending some time with my family (which is basically my brother).

Not much else to talk about. I'm slowing easing myself back into this site. Life's just getting in the way!

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