3 Ways you can support Sleepycomics.com WITHOUT donating money!

Jul 10, 2012 06:07 PM
Hmmm, so it seems not everyone was interested in that last donation pitch. That's okay, I understand that money is tight these days. Don't you worry...Sleepycomics.com is here to stay, funds, or no funds!

If you still want to donate, please DONATE HERE.

Thanks in advance to anyone who donates!

For those who can't donate, but still want to support Sleepycomics.com, fear not. There are other ways!

Here are three ways you can help Sleepycomics.com today, without sending a donation:

1. Find new comic and manga scenes

There is a saying: "Time is money." I believe strongly in this. Finding scenes for Sleepycomics.com takes time and energy, and my time is limited. I have a day job, and I am pretty exhausted when I get home. I still manage to plow through hundreds of comics though.

If you can help find more content for Sleepycomics.com, you will save me time and money! That's the same as donating real currency, in my eyes at least. I can then use my freed up time to do other things, like create original content.

E-mail me if you want tips and strategies for finding content.

2. Donate a Rapidshare, Hotfile, or other file locker account

If you use a premium file locker account, like Rapidshare, Hotfile, Sendspace, Ryushare, etc...let me share it with you! This would cut down on that monthly cost for me. It would be the same as if you donated directly to the site. Most of the premium accounts have virtually unlimited bandwidth, so there's no loss on your part.

3. Write descriptions for older scenes

A lot of my older scenes have no descriptions. This was because I never focused on writing them early on, mostly due to laziness. Scene descriptions are actually really valuable. They enable search engines to index the images better. They make it easier to find the scenes you want!

I can't emphasize this enough. Good scene descriptions will add a ton of value to Sleepycomics.com. If you write scene descriptions for me, you'll never have to send a donation ever again.

Good scene descriptions should describe the characters involved, what they are wearing, the actions taking place and contain relevant keywords. You can e-mail a whole text file of descriptions to me, and I will update each scene. Or if you prefer, just write the description in a comment under each scene.

Thanks for you support!

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