Jul 16, 2007 07:59 PM
I just added four scenes to the database. Man, there is like nothing out there in the comic world. I was doing really good a few weeks ago, but now I am struggling to find anything worth keeping. So far, I have 1239 comic scenes of women getting knocked out, not bad.

I am quite aware that there is a whole genre I am missing out on: manga. Manga is something I rarely look into mostly because it's so difficult to search them. Manga seems to have fewer KO scenes, but when there IS a KO scene it is really really good. I am not sure if this site's audience reads manga, because it would be nice if I could get some good manga alerts every once in a while.

I updated the video clips section (*SHOCK*...NO WAY!!!). Someone sent me a link to this clip (it was on a silly hentai site). It's a pretty good clip so I am now hosting it on this site. The thing with video clips is that I am just not in the mood to make them right now. Sometimes I'll have a big video making rush, but currently I am just not into it at all.

Every once in a while, I like to search for "chloroform" on deviantart. I found this drawing recently.

I'm currently 52 hours into Oblivion. Probably going to play some more tonight. I found out a fan of this website also plays Oblivion.

Now time for some off topic blogging, because well, this is my only blog right now. Last Wednesday I went out with some friends (yes, incredibly I have friends in real life) to the bowling alley at night. The bowling alley is more like a club at night, with loud rap music and a dance floor. The funny thing is all of us guys would walk into the dance floor hoping to dance with a girl, only to end up standing around looking like complete dorks. We are all single and desperate, let me tell you. All of them left, but I decided to stay at the dance floor for a little longer. Eventually a random girl came up and started dancing with me, for like a minute.
One of my friends has his own apartment, so we all went there after bowling. Out came the alcohol; I had something called "Mike's Hard Lemonade". We sat around and talked while one of us played Kingdom Hearts II. It's moments like these that make me glad I have great friends.

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Jul 18, 2007
A pimp that goes bowling?

Those things don't match.