Black Canary #2 (2007)

Jul 22, 2007 07:27 PM
One of my best finds recently came from the new Black Canary mini-series. You can see a picture of the cover on the left. This artist had a really nice interpretation of Black Canary, I hope he continues to draw her. If you look carefully at the position she is in, you will start to realize that it's probably impossible to do in real life. How does she not fall over? It's a hot cover though, so I can't complain.
I really hope the writer continues working on more Black Canary stories, because this issue had a sleeping gas scene involving Sin, the girl Black Canary took in. The villain used a knockout gas arrow in a tribute to those old 70's Green Arrow stories.  There's only two more issues to go, so the prospect of a Black Canary knockout scene is very slim. In fact, Black Canary doesn't seem to be feature much at all.

I did some more remodelling to the site. You will notice some changes to the navigation bar. The section called "Other Pages" has been removed, along with most of the links under it. Those pages called "Unknown Comics, Doujinshi, Diabolik and Screen shots" have been moved to the Image Gallery. I also organized those galleries to be much more neat.

There are a bunch of other new scenes added to the database, so check those out too.

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