Sonoko was Drugged...A Lot

Jul 24, 2007 08:52 PM
I updated the database today! Before I go into detail about the updates, there is an important matter that needs to be addressed: Donations. The last donation I recieved was in February, a generous donation from Monsieur Paul. That was five months ago. I think the best way for you, the viewer, to show support for this massive project is to donate. If any of you use eBay, you are ready to go because all you need is a PayPal account. There is a PayPal link on the navigation bar. It doesn't have to be a big donation, even something like one dollar would suffice. That way I can use it to buy myself a double cheeseburger if I am hungry. I also paid Photobucket a silly $25 fee to get a Pro account, so I will have unlimited bandwith. Imagine not being able to view half the database at the end of the month, man that would suck balls. Plus imageshack really really really sucks. Maybe if I earn enough money, I can get Lasik eye surgery, because looking at all these comics puts a strain on my eyes. If I see some donations, it will motivate me to work even harder to find KO scenes. And believe me, I have found some amazing stuff lately. So show some support. Thanks.

Another thing you can do is download Firefox (see the link on the side bar). Yeah, this site, um, looks better in it.

Alright, so I went through the ENTIRE Detective Conan manga series and posted all my finds. You'd think there would be a ton of KO scenes, but there are actually very few. Conan almost always hits Ran's dad with a tranquilizer dart instead of Ran Mouri herself. In fact, Ran Mouri was NEVER darted once. Sonoko was put to sleep several times, and those scenes are pretty good. So basically, the Detective Conan scenes that are on my site are the best ones you'll ever see.

I looked through a comic called "Amethyst Princess of Gemworld". Found an interesting drugged drink scene in that.

I added some old pictures to the image gallery. The new system I setup for the image gallery makes it really easy for me to add new images, so expect to see more updates in that section.

I don't think I've mentioned this yet, but I split the "assorted knockouts" database into two sections. There is now a new section called "Head KO's". Both databases should take less time to load now.

Well, that's all for now. Donations are welcome.

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Jul 25, 2007
Hey, thanks a lot for the new "Head KO" section! I have enjoyed looking through some of the scenes!

Also, I left you a donation!

Jul 25, 2007
Thanks Dave!!!

Jul 25, 2007
Come on guys, make a little gesture.
Aren't you glad that such a database exists ? The only one in the world ?
As Red says, a single buck is already nice, and believe me, it's a good feeling to give, to express gratitude.
Selfishness kills good will.

Think about it.