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Jul 27, 2007 08:17 PM
Okay, I did a lot of remodification again. I apologize if things seem buggy. I am way too obsessed with HTML and CSS. I wanted to make the site look good in FireFox and IE, but that is tough. I hope I did a good job.

Anyway, I am reintegrating Wordpress functions into this blog again. I thought stripping the blog to its bare essentials would be a good idea, but I was wrong. Basically, you the viewer can register for an account on my blog, allowing you to post comments more easily. I encourage all my visitors to register, because once you are logged in you don't have to keep typing in your nickname to post a comment. This is the first time I have enabled registration.

I updated the image galleries, but that's been it so far. That's all for now.

EDIT: One more thing I forgot to mention. If you are registered, your comments will not be moderated. They will appear immediately.

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Jul 28, 2007

Jul 28, 2007

Jul 28, 2007
Hey. Just want to say that your work is exceptional. I can't begin to realize the work that goes into your site. I am curious...are you a collector or do you find these on the web. I'd love to know how you are able to find your pix. Anyway, good luck and I am sure every appreciates your effort.