Featured Scene: God Save the Sugekoma Kun! The Whole manga

Nov 07, 2009 01:34 PM
Lots of scenes from this manga!  More will be coming...
Lots of scenes from this manga! More will be coming...
This week's featured scene is actually a whole manga: God Save the Sugekoma Kun! It's a 10+ year old manga by Noriko Nagano, never translated into English. It is a mature manga, but doesn't contain any nudity or anything. It contains a lot of S/M bondage type stuff and quite a few chloro scenes featuring the main female character! I've uploaded several scenes from the first volume already. 11 more to go!

Also, thanks to all the people who uploaded scenes the last few days. You guys find some really good stuff!

But I want to actually pause a bit and reflect on what we have already. I think I may be uploading a little TOO fast, because I feel we're not taking the time to appreciate all the scenes we have. Just look through all the scenes uploaded in the past few weeks; there's some really good stuff there. We should all take a small breather.

I am currently coding up a simple work ticketing system. This system will basically keep track of comics I need to search and scene alerts I will need to check up on. I will be moving all scene alerts to this new ticketing system. As a result, you will probably notice a small drop in the total scenes count (we are at 4,858 now).

That's all for now. Like I said, please, let's all take a breather and look at all the cool stuff we have!

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