Hello there. Update from the owner (and how you can help!)

May 05, 2012 07:58 PM
Hey everyone. It's me! I don't know what to call myself anymore, "Red", "sleepy-comics", whatever. Anyway, life has made it hard to keep updating this site. My job and my other hobbies (which now include photography) keep taking too much time. Time is something so precious now.

I still love this site though. I actually just saw The Avengers and it got me really interested in comics again.
Today, I went through and looked at some old scenes, and they brought back memories. Scenes with The Wasp and Scarlet Witch getting knocked out...oh man, they still rock even today.

Sadly I think all the best scenes from the "good old days" have been found. It's harder and harder to find truly memorable scenes. That's where you can help!

Check out these "resources":
Resource #1
Resource #2
Resource #3 (for manga)

Check out those resources, find a comic/manga you think is promising, and take a look! You can still find gems, I promise. Oh, and delete the file when you're done, because piracy is bad. Just look at all that CISPA/SOPA/whatever stuff is being passed these days.

Happy hunting!

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