The comment system sucks a little less now.

Jun 12, 2012 09:00 PM
In an effort to encourage more user participation, I have overhauled the commenting system slightly. You can now reply and delete comments.

Deleting comments is restricted however. You can only delete it within 30 minutes of posting the comment. This is because I want to make an effort to keep all comments in the system. I feel they contain useful information. The delete feature is so you can make corrections.

The reply feature is nice. You specify the user's handle (ie, "@Red"), like Twitter, and that user will receive an e-mail notification. I am no longer doing the BCC thing where every single user who has ever commented on a scene gets an e-mail. That was starting to get annoying.

If you don't specify a reply handle, a notification is sent to the uploader of the scene (which will 90% of the time be me). So feel free to comment away!

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