Holiday Update

Dec 22, 2006 05:52 PM
I won't waste anyone's time so I'll just point out the updates explicitly:
Sleeping Gas - 20 new scenes
Other - 32 new scenes
New original art generously donated from Lost One Zero.
Some new stuff in the unknowns page.
And if you didn't see it yet, I have a new page with Diabolik scans and a page of screenshots.
I also uploaded a new video clip a few days ago from Erementar Gerad.
So yeah, a lot of stuff to keep you busy for the holidays. I know I'll be staring at that art by LoZ. It's just so incredibly good. 

I changed the site layout quite a bit. You might have noticed that the logo just randomly changed. I like the mess around with the site layout until I get it perfect. I'm a guy who thinks subtleties are important! 

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingOne scene I really liked was Cammy's dart KO from Street Fighter #12. I saw scans posted on the beauties sleeping Yahoo group (isn't it amazing that group is still up?). The scans were kind of small though, so I had to do a ton of research to find bigger scans. The larger scans are sooooo much better. I like this scene because the tranquilizer doesn't work instantaneously on Cammy. It just sort of slowly puts her to sleep. The artist also drew Cammy really cute which is a big plus. So yeah, that was today's feature scene. 

I've been going through lots of comics. I'm confident that I looked through every issue of Generation X. Only one gas scene in that entire series. My biggest surprise came from The Power of Shazam series. It had 5 gas KO's, 2 which directly involved females. 1 was a group KO and the other two involved stupid guys. It was one of my more successful comic packs. 

Recent DCP packs seem to turn up quite a few gas KO's. I found a gas scene in Street Fighter II #5 (it's actually F/(MF)). They're out there, so you just got to keep looking.

I'm playing this new game called Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for Gamecube. It is a very well crafted video game. I haven't gotten very far, but I already saw a KO scene in one of the cutscenes (this could be a SPOILER). A cute girl from Link's village is shot with an arrow and falls unconscious. Then Link himself is smacked in the head by the enemy and he too falls unconscious. It was definitely a nice treat for me in an already deep game.

UPDATE 10:54 PM: Okay, many of you probably did not notice a big change, but I made a huge improvement in how the database works. I wrote a program in PHP to read the data from a text file and convert it to a table. It may not seem like a big deal, but I consider it a great advancement. To show you why, let me give you a history of how I've presented the database in the past:
Microsoft Word Table: I essentially created a table in Word and turned it into an HTML file. It was easy for me to sort, but in order for users to sort the table in the browser I had to make several databases, doubling the size. Total size: 962 KB (more when sorting).

HTML File: I got rid of all the unnecessary crap found in word files and made my database a basic table in HTML. I even found Javascript code allowing users to sort the table in their browser. Total size: 253 KB.

PHP Files: I used these for like two days. Basically the same as the HTML files, only the extension was changed to .PHP. Total size: 265 KB.

Text Files: I created these today. These will allow me to update the site much faster. My program even counts the exact number of scenes, and it basically shows that I cannot count by hand. Total size: 175 KB.
I was very happy when my code worked the very first time I tried it. It almost never works. My next step is to try setting up a MySQL database so that these scenes can actually be Queried. This is going to be a fun break!

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